Euclidean Rhythm Composer (Web)

PolyRhythm. Interactive exploration of rhythm.

Archive of Synthesizer Manuals (Internet Archive)

How Do Synthesizers Work? (Explain that Stuff)

Helm by Matt Tytel.

Music Theory Lessons (LightNote) Basic music lessons.

The Infinite Drum Machine.

Audiotool. Make Music Online In Your Browser.

Harmony Explained. Progress Towards A Scientific Theory of Music.

106.js A Roland Juno-106 Emulation with MIDI support in Chrome.

Chords & Scales Reference.

Web Archive of Audio Utilities.

10 Tips for Creating More Realistic MIDI Music (Soundfly)

Audio Levels (Transom)

MIDI Maker allows you to create simple monophonic MIDI files.

Open Music Library

Modular Quick Tip Sidechain Compression.

Sampling as Instrumentation. How Recorded Noise Found Its Way into Music (SoundFly)

Surge Synthesizer (Synthtopia)

The Shortwave Radio Audio Archive.

Ableton Live 10 Beginner Course (YouTube)

Internet Archive Software Collection.

The Rational Keyboard.

Patatap. Experimental Sound and Animation Web Site.

The Audio Producer’s Guide To Loudness (Transom)

iO-808 Emulation of a Roland TR-808 Drum Machine.

Sonic Visualiser. Viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files.

Viktor NV-1 Web Synthesizer.

RC-455 WebAudio Synthesizer.

AngularJS Polyphonic Synthesizer (Web)

Leshy SFMaker. Sound Effect Generator.

jsfxr Web sound effects generator.

Yamaha’s DX7 FM Synthesizer.

Musical Chord Progression Arpeggiator.

Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People.

Frequency Map.

Roland Juno-106.

WDS-1. Web Drum Sequencer.

Audio Test File Generator.

TR-101 Drum Synth/Sequencer.

SongSprouter. Algorithmic music composition app.

Muzoti. Algorithmic Music With Web Audio/Midi.

Chords & Scales Reference.

Tonehack. Chrome Synthesizer Experiment.

Melodique. Algorithmic Melodic Phrase Generator.

Sodaphonic Audio Editor.

Acid Machine.

Web-Based Molecular Music Box Generator.

NASA Audio and Ringtones.

Bosca Ceoil. Retro Music Maker.

The Audio Producer’s Guide To Loudness (Transom)

Binaural Beat Generator.

Seeded Procedural Music Generator (CodePen)

Tone Generator. Generate Pure Tones of Any Frequency.

“Sekaiju” Open Source MIDI Sequencer/Editor Software.

“Audibilization” and Visualization of Sorting Algorithms.

Fragment. The Collaborative Spectral Synthesizer.

Basic Music Theory. A Music Theory Reference Site.

The Recording Manual. A guide for the home recording artist.

The Ultimate Guide to Drum Programming (EDMProd)

8 Ways the Roland 808 Drum Machine Changed Pop Music (Rolling Stone)

What is a Decibel, Anyway?

WebSynths. The Browser-Based Microtonal MIDI Instrument.

How to Copyright Your Songs? (YouTube)

Crafting Loud Mixes That Sound Great (SOS)

Computoser. Unique, Computer-Generated Music.

SunVox. A small, fast and powerful modular synthesizer with pattern-based sequencer.

Oscilloscope!. A software music oscilloscope.

Ableton Live Code (Really Useful Plugins)

Synth Terminology And Basics for Beginners (Ask Audio)

Limiting vs Compression in Mixing Explained (YouTube)

Rave Generator VST (Win) (Blogosaur)

DJs of the Future Don’t Spin Records—They Write Code (WIRED)

A Beginner’s Guide to the Synth (Gizmodo)

Metronome Online.

Giada. Hardcore Loop Machine.

Loudness Penalty Analyzer.

Music Tool Kit.

Smasher (SourceForge)

How to Create Headroom.

Surge Synthesizer (GitHub)

Six Different Problem Frequencies and How to Spot Them (Tuts+)–audio-9724

On-Line Drum Machine.

Hydrogen. An advanced drum machine.

Compression Made Easy (Sound-On-Sound)

Eight DIY Analogue Synthesizers You Can Build At Home (Vinyl Factory)

“The Largest Classical Music Resource for MIDI Files”

Music Calculator With Tables for BPM, Hertz, Keyboard Notes Conversions and Q Factor.

WolframTones. Generate a Composition.

Silk. Interactive Generative Art.

Singing Bowls. Relaxing Meditation Soundscape Generator.


Interactive Circle Of Fifths.

Visual Guitar. Guitar scales, chords, arpeggios, sound and light.

ToneHack. Synth with wave drawing.

Steganography 20. Generate Melody from Text.

LabChirp. Versatile Sound Effects Generator.

Guitar Chords Finder.

Audio AI. Isolating vocals from stereo music.

Sympathetic Synthesizer System Mk 1.

How to Hide Data in Audio Files.

Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch.

Canorus (Sourceforge) Cross-platform music score editor.

OpenSong. Created to manage lyrics, chords, lead sheets.

SoundHack. Tools for electronic music and audio engineering.

Hooktheory. On-line music application.

Song Maker (Chrome Music Lab)

WebModular. Modular Synthesizer written in HTML5+Javascript.

Tonespace 2.0 Chorder. Chord generator and visualizer.

Wavec. Play real hardware synthesizers through your web browser.

Zupiter. Web-Based Modular Synthesizer.

The Rational Keyboard.

Morse Code Tools.

The Audio Producer’s Guide To Loudness.

Sonant. Generative music based on random walks.

Binaural Beat Generator (Online Tone Generator)

High Quality Midi Site.

Efflux. Web application, allowing one to create music within their browser.

Virtual Drum Machine.

Beep.js. Synthesizer in the Browser.

WASYN-1. Web Audio Synth.

Music Theory Cheat Sheet.

Blockchain and Music (Audio Pervert)

The Circle of Fifths Explained (LedgerNote)

On-Line MIDI Sequencer & Editor.

TidalCycles. Software allows you to make patterns with code.

KORG Poly-800 emulated in plug-in (Create Digital Music)

Encyclopedia of Music in the 20th Century (PDF)

How I Taught My Computer to Write Its Own Music (Nautilus)

ANGUS. Real-Time Voice Transformation Tool (IRCAM)

Music Instrument Frequency Cheatsheet (Sweetwater)

Sonic Visualiser. Viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files.

Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People (Site Update)

Edisyn. Open-Source Synth Patch Editor (Synthtopia)

CCMixter. Global Community Creates Open-Source Music.

Crafting Loud Mixes That Sound Great (SOS)

Ableton Live Guides (pATCHES)

TonnetzViz. Real-Time MIDI Visualization (Web)

Wavosaur Audio Editor.

The Infinite Jukebox.

Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer (Animagraffs)

Calm by Tones.

Delay and Frequency Calculator.

Sound Programming tutorials and manuals.

Groove Pizza circular rhythm app for creative music making and learning.

uCApps Non-commercial DIY Projects for MIDI Hardware Geeks.

Synthesizer Basics Explained (Sweetwater)

Sound and video recordings from all over the world (The British Library).

LenMus. Software for Music Theory.

The Noise-Arch Archive (Internet Archive)

Recreate the MPC2000XL Drum Machine (Create Digital Music)

PaulXStretch Plugin Extreme time stretching (Xenakios’s Blog)

Audacity. Software for multi-track recording and editing.

Online Midi Sequencer.

SynthStudent. Tutorials on synthesis techniques using freeware synths.

Podium Free. Full-featured freeware DAW (Win)

SunVox. Multiplatform Modular Music Creation Studio (Donationware)

Basic Music Theory Reference Site.

The Animated Guide to Compression.

Musicmap. Genealogy and History of Popular Music Genres.

Longplayer. One-thousand year long composition.

Interactive Piano Soundscape.

Sodaphonic. Web based audio recorder and simple editor.

Vex TimeWarp. Slow down and loop your music without affecting pitch.

Radiooooo The Music Time Machine.

Music Separation with Deezer’s Machine Learning Library.

The Psychology of Music.

Amroc. Online Room Mode Calculator.

The Music Lab. Music quiz and tests.

SIDViz by tamat. SID Synth with MIDI.

Learning Synths Playground (Ableton)

MuseScore. Music composition and notation software.

LilyPond. Music Notation for Everyone.

Qmmp. Music player that looks like Winamp (gHacks)

The Ultimate Synth Glossary. 60 Essential Synthesizer Terms (LANDR) Evolving Music Creation Platform.

Euclidian Sequencer.


Generative Graphics Web Page.

Cables. Tool for creating beautiful interactive content.

TubeChopper. Allows you to play YouTube like a sampler.

How Will MIDI 2.0 Change Music? (Quartz)

Regressif. Sound Degradation Audio Plugin.

Acid Machine 2. Online Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer.

The ChordSounder. Play Any Of Over 40,000 Different Possible Chords.

Mixxx DJ Mixing Environment.

Musical Chord Progression Arpeggiator.

Project C-90 The Ultimate Audiotape Guide.

Dexed. FM synthesizer modelled on the Yamaha DX7.

Ubuntu Studio. Operating System Designed Specifically For Musicians.

Yamaha’s DX7 FM Synthesizer Online Emulation.

Drum Tuning Bible (PDF)

Beat Making Software (Bedroom Producers)

Scientific Essence Of Sound. Getting To The Basis Of What We Hear (ProSoundWeb)

Frequencies and Ranges of Musical Instruments.

Software simulation of the ANS synthesizer.

Noise Sculpting Synthesizer.

808 Cube. Online Experiment In Aleatoric Music.

Interactive Frequency Chart.

Tinkersynth is an experimental art project.

The Beat Sync Calculator (Film Scoring Tips)

The Epic On-Line Orchestra.

The Harmonic Series. Understanding Musical Intervals, Scales, Tuning And Timbre.

The Frequencies And Ranges Of Musical Instruments.

Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music.

Chord Search.

Music Grid.

Should I Mix on Headphones or Speakers? (Splice)

Spleeter. Extract voice, piano, drums etc. from any track (GitHub)

TimeStretch. Allows You To Loop, Speed Up, Slow Down And Pitch-Shift Audio.

The Matrix. Twelve-Tone Row Converter.

Valence Aleator. Experiment with Microtonal Generative Music.